Nsn database:

Nato Stock Number [1280-00-709-4984] is manufactured by [ALCOA FASTENING SYSTEMS FAIRCHILD FASTENERS EUROPE – CAMLOC GMBH] .
Anemo is a specialist distributor holding stock of these parts, parts can be obtained with a certificate of conformity issued by Nato Cage code [D0680] factory.

Why buy from anemo?

Please do send your enquiry for Nsn number [1280-00-709-4984] ; please indicate the exact quantity you require as we also sell from 1 piece onwards.
The compatible part number for National stock number [1280-00-709-4984] is [S102D25-04]

We can help you also with drawings, 3D files and technical files of this Nato stock number [1280-00-709-4984]

It could be that [S102D25-04] is an old part number and is obsolete, we would then offer you a compatible part number with the same dimensions from the same manufacturer Nsn parts [D0680] which will comply to NSN products [1280-00-709-4984]

What is nsn?

This NSN part [1280-00-709-4984] is commonly used in electronic, aviation, civil, military and medical applications. [1280-00-709-4984] is might be available in other material grades. It is also possible to have [1280-00-709-4984] in a different size, if you have issues with your application.

For more information on NSN [1280-00-709-4984], and/or its alternatives, and related products, feel free to contact us.

Anemo Engineering is offering [1280-00-709-4984] as factory new.

We sell globally and quote in EUR & USD the Army Nsn [1280-00-709-4984]
We have a local bank account in Europe and in the USA
you can pay us also with credit card.